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In little dresses, 6 or 8 inch hems are none too much to allow. In boy’s blouses, an allowances of 5 or 6 inches below the button level provides for the growth and also keeps the tail from working out. Modern method of child training emphasize the educational value of clothing that children can take off and put on with little or no help. In Girl Dresses and suits, plackets at the front with-in easy reach, fastening few in number and of a type that a young child ca manage, encourage self help. Medium sized buttons, round flat and with a slight groove that keeps finger from sleeping off, are generally the easiest for the children to manage. Very large or small buttons, snaps, hooks and eyes are too difficult. Slide fasteners are easy if properly used.

They need to suit the design as well as the weight of the fabrics in the garment. For example, as the front closing in a boy’s one piece suit or a girl tailored dress, a slide fastener may be satisfactory, but in the blouse of a two piece suit such a fastening only complicate dressing. The blouse must be then pulled on over the head, whereas the usual two piece suit may have its trousers and waist so buttoned together that it can be slipped into as easily as if it were one piece. Metallic fasteners also need to be protected so they will not catch the underclothing or injure the skin.

Princess Crown Tutu

This adorable Princess Crown Tutu screams Princess! The adorable outfit has her stepping out in the softest pink cotton onesie, with a gorgeous clear rhinestone crown and the wording Princess underneath it. The fluffy white chiffon tutu adds just enough sass to let her stand out in the crowd! The outfit is perfect for a special birthday, portrait, or any occasion where your little one is in the spotlight.

The back drops of both suits and panties may be arranged so that a young child can fasten and unfasten them. If the plackets slant somewhat to the side back, only two buttons are required instead of the usual four or five. In boy’s two piece suits the usual troublesome separate belt can well be omitted if facing with tab ends that simulate a belt are substituted. Then the back of the trousers can be buttoned over the front rather than the front over the back. Also these tabs are useful for a child to hold while fastening the side buttons. And if the back is further supported by the buttons at the side back, and none at the center back, the whole arrangement is simplified.

Fabrics for suits and dresses should complement the design and aid in bringing out a child’s good points. Colorfast, thoroughly preshrunk percale, lawn, gingham, and fine broadcloth are satisfactory because they do not collect soil readily wrinkle easily. If they have a permanent finish, that does away with the need of starching. For young children, color may be Grey. Prints are becoming and practical for little girls, but care has to be taken to choose those that are small in size.

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